About Us


Wide Solutions for Technology and Diversity “WSTD” is a large company that provides solutions to the countless issues in technology (telecommunications and computer networks, Civil engineering works, and energy) and diversity (logistics, product distribution, and business facilitation).

Created in 2012, WSTD took wings and signed several partnership contracts with various companies both local and international, thus bringing great innovations with a new look and dynamism in his delivery style.

WSTD moves to a length difference by the simple fact that it has succeeded in making the quality both accessible and affordable; so it provides services in international standards while clinging to their qualities as well as their affordability.


WSTD ambitions are to be the first choice and the best partner of all ages, which is why it goes further and is committed to understanding your business objectives, analyzing all the added values, in order to be more of a counselor and Solutions carrier than a mere services deliver.

With this perspective, it has carefully selected a staff completely dedicated to be part of your journey to your expectations, adding a “RIGHT” label on all provided services.

We recognize your values, and our professionalism is to achieve your services in the standards that will give you an easy choice among partners and ensure the best results you never expected and at a reduced cost.


WSTD stands out for its functional and technical expertise that combines practical experience, while ensuring that its customers receive an efficient and professional services.

Our goal is to go beyond the expectations of customers by providing exceptional customer service with more flexibility and added value by optimizing systems, troubleshooting, installing, configuring and improving the efficiency of operations by reducing cost and time limit. We aim “Doing things Right, not just the Right Things”.

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