Products & Services

Our extensive skills encompass aspects and provide solutions in the following areas :


  • Network Services

– Planning and Optimization

Technical & Marketing Survey, *Radio & Transmission Design, *LOS Survey (SDH&PDH), *KPI analyses, *Drive test, *Radio & Transmission Optimization, *TSS: Technical Survey, *Frequencies Planning (GSM, UMTS).

– Installation, Commissioning, maintenance (Preventive & Corrective)

*VSAT ( Alignment, Balance sheet linkage Analysis, transponders & satellite migration, cross pole isolation  with Intelsat, planning  & frequencies scanning…), *BTS, *Rural Sites, *Microwave, *Optic Fiber.

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– Civil Engineering

*DCP Test, *Structural Design, *Conduct of building works, *Constructions (Buildings, erection, dismantling, inspection and strengthening  of Telecom towers).

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– Energy (Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance)

*Generators, *Solar panels, *Batteries/ Back Up solutions, *Monitoring system( NMS), *UPS, *AVR, *Electrical Wiring, *Hybrid System, *Earth network.

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  • IT & Technology

*Software Development and Proposal for the management (of Finances, Human resources, logistics, for monitoring), *Installation and domain management, *Installation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks, *Web Site creation, *Preventive and Corrective maintenance  of computer equipment, *Software installation and help desk, *Audit IT systems, *Telephony and Video Conferencing, *Training in information and communication New Technologies, *Biometry (identification by fingerprint, iris and facial recognition), *Surveillance cameras, *Car tracking.

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  • Logistics & Transport

*Transportation of equipment (from the place of storage to the sites),

*Car tracking and locator.

  • Business Facilitation

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*WSTD is a great relief for investors who strive and struggle to find ways and means to start a business in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through partnership and representation, WSTD is a platform ready to support them with short, easy steps to transform their projects into reality as by a snap of fingers.

*Creating distribution channels for products sales.

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